Who Is This Babylon? [Podcast #006]

More On the Dating of Revelation

Who Is This Babylon Study of Revelation
Who is This Babylon?

One of the major problems with assigning Rome as Mystery Babylon and using the latter date (AD 95) is that there is no major event shortly after that date that fulfills the prophecy. It cannot be said in any sense of the word that Rome’s destruction was at hand in 95 AD.

Historically, Rome didn’t fall until 476 AD. That’s several centuries later than the first century. It does not qualify for an at hand fulfillment. Yet, this date is blindly accepted by so many learned and common men.

We are inviting you to have an open mind to refocus on the actual evidence found in the book of Revelation and supporting texts of the New Testament. Other historical evidence such as the writings of Josephus also support the early dating of Revelation.

The Battle of Armageddon

Is this event future? Are the “signs of the times” evidence of an impending return of Christ. In this podcast we explain where there is nothing to fear about Armageddon. The truths found in Revelation removes much of the unfounded fear people have over the end times.

A proper understanding of the Apocalypse and in fact a key to the book of Revelation is the proper identity of Babylon and dating of the Book of Revelation. Listen to this podcast to learn more.


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