Who Is This Babylon? [Podcast #008]

Who Is This Babylon? #008

Who Is This Babylon Study of Revelation
Who is This Babylon?

Want to help your friends and family turn their fear into faith. Listen to this broadcast as Don and William share testimonials of those who are learning about Covenant Eschatology. One of the most amazing transformations that people make is they break free from the fears that have shackled them especially surround the end times.

Most of modern eschatology is nothing less than fear-mongering, the type of messages designed to frighten the wits out of people and keep them enshrouded in fear. As a result, they do not enjoy their Christianity but live in retreat from the victory of which they have been called.

Armageddon is at the center of most religions discussions. People believe that a 200 million man army  will invade the world. Hal Lindsay once taught these armies would come from Russia, however, he has since changed his story (disregarded by many for the significance of such a shift in eschatological perspective.).

Today, wars are fought more technically than with men. The military continues to implement technology, even planes, smart weaponry that do not require men. Yet, people believe that the imagery in

Revelation which are symbols cast from their day and historical time versus today. This should be a huge clue in grasping the time, date and setting of the book. It applied to the first century, not to ours in the initial fulfillment.

To understand Armageddon and the time of the great tribulation, it is needful to understand the meaning and time of the firstfruits who in the message of Revelation come out of the great tribulation. The study of the firstfruits decimates a futuristic concept of the message of Revelation.

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