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TGB 011513 What Fulfilled Eschatology Means to Us Today

bigstock-Sileet-warrior-about-the-cruci-21908006On this program we begin a discussion of “What Now?” What are the implications of Fulfilled Eschatology? Here are a few highlights:

  • Men live by what they believe.
  • What we believe therefore matters.
  • Far too few Christians believe in involvement in society: After all, “You don’t polish brass on a sinking ship.”

Most eschatologies claim the world must get “worse and worse.” This is contrary to scripture.
Christianity has improved the world, in spite of what the naysayers claim.
Christians are the most generous, most compassionate people in the world.

A positive view of the future is an inherent part of Covenant Eschatology.

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  1. Wow, I had to stop listening at 40 min mark. I am very interested in hearing what you have to say, because I am a partial preterist, however, your faulty view on society around us, emphasizing good where there is nothing good, saying that most people are “good”, saying that it is positive what we saw in communist movements such as the women’s rights movement and civil rights movement, etc., you totally have lost me. One strike against full preterism in my mind. The fruit I see so far is not good. I am going to look elsewhere for other preterist teachers.

    • You have a very interesting outlook on the world and it makes me question whether your views are influenced by the media. If I were to start looking for good, I’d begin at home with my family. Then, I’d look at my closest networks, and from their just reason how most people are. To say people are good is not the same as saying they are godly, or Christian necessarily. However, it isn’t necessary in my perspective to call them evil. Why isn’t that the news media rarely points out the good? It doesn’t sell as much as the negative stuff.

      Ever notice when they find a big bad story everyone reports on it for 2 weeks every day because they have nothing else newsworthy to report. This reminds me of the story told by a man who was traveling and stopped along the way to ask how the people were in the next city. The first man told him they were evil, selfish and lots of other negative things. When he arrived, that’s exactly what he saw. On other occasion he asked and was told the people were friendly, kind, courteous, generous, neighborly etc, and upon his arrival, that is precisely the kind of people he found.

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