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Understanding the Red Heifer and Temple Typology

Red Heifer and Israel

The study of the Red Heifer is found in Numbers 19. It required a pure red heifer, without blemish, in which there is no defect and which has never been yoked. It is needed for preparations of cleansing for the priests and the “new” temple which is proposed for the people who call themselves Israel… Read More »

Red Heifer and Rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple

Red Heifer and Rebuilding the Temple

Red Heifer and Rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple Many people believe that the nation of Israel was regathered in 1948 in Palestine. No amount of proof-texting has been sufficient to establish this claim. Debates, conferences, books, articles and all types of media campaigns bombard us with the “new Jerusalem” in the Middle East. Of recent is… Read More »