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Red Heifer and Rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple

Red Heifer and Rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple

Red Heifer and Rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple

Many people believe that the nation of Israel was regathered in 1948 in Palestine. No amount of proof-texting has been sufficient to establish this claim. Debates, conferences, books, articles and all types of media campaigns bombard us with the “new Jerusalem” in the Middle East.

Red Heifer and Rebuilding the TempleOf recent is the discovery of the red heifer which some believe will allow the Israeli’s to cleanse the priests in preparation for the rebuilding of the temple. The temple will be another visible sign and probably the crowning proof that Zionism is legitimate in the eyes of the world.

After all, ancient Israel’s judgment resulted in the destruction of the temple. Rebuilding of the temple would say to the world, God’s judgment upon Israel is over. Not!!!

Today’s broadcast began with a question by a caller on the identity of Mystery Babylon. As some may know, we taught a series of lessons on Mystery Babylon. The original mention of Babylon in the Bible is the city which was built by Nimrod and called the beginning of his kingdom. (Gen. 10:8-10)

God confounded their language and scattered them according to their languages so that they left building the tower. Later, Babylon was an instrument by God to punish Egypt (Pharaoh Necho II) Isa. 19. Following this he used Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar to punish Israel for their failure to keep the law of God in order that the land would enjoy its Sabbaths. They remained in captivity for 40 years.

Following the close of this captivity, Babylon herself is destroyed by the Medes and Persians for the cruelties they had heaped upon the people of God during their captivity.

Mystery Babylon In the Book of Revelation

We have the designation, “Mystery Babylon”. A mystery is that which is unknown but must be revealed. Mystery Babylon is being revealed in the book of Revelation as the city which murdered the apostles and prophets, (Rev. 18:20-24). The description of vengeance upon Babylon accords identically with Jerusalem in Matt. 23:-37 as the murderers of the prophets.

A fallacy about Mystery Babylon is that it refers to literal Iraq. Others believe it refers to the Catholic church. This is what we call an anachronism, i.e. an error in time. Iraq or literal Babylon did not kill a single prophet. They attempted to kill Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

They also threw Daniel to the lions’ den. But neither were killed. In addition, there were no O.T. prophets by the time the Roman Catholic church arrived on the historic scene 600 years later.  Geographically, the Roman Catholic church is not located in Jerusalem. Jesus said that it was not possible that a prophet perish outside of Jerusalem, Lk. 13:33.

The Definition of A Harlot

Steven Temple wrote a book, Who is the Mother of Harlots. He does a fantastic job of showing that the term harlot in the Bible was a wife that had broken the marriage covenant.  Neiither Iraq, Rome, nor the Roman Catholic church was every married to the Lord.

The city where Jesus was slain is a geographical location, not a spiritual location. Thus we must identify the city as from the designation given in the Bible, Rev. 11:8. The city is “spiritually” called Sodom and Egypt. It is the only city in the Bible that is given a spiritual designation.

The city is also spiritually called Egypt.  Compare with Galatians 4.

Order the book, Mystery Babylon.


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