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Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2017

This year’s PPW, July 13-15, will be dealing with the partial preterist position of “Postmillennialism.” We will have five expert speakers, each of which you can read more about on our Conference Speaker page.  Watch the video below as Don briefly addresses the issue of Postmillennialism in one of his “Morning Musings.” More specifically, some of our speakers will be tackling important issues as it relates to the book of 1 Peter, such as discussing the following:

  • Principles for Understanding Bible Prophecy: Who Was Peter’s Audience?
  • Peter and the Great Tribulation and Martyrdom
  • The Rejected Stone: Romancing the Stone
  • Peter and the Sufferings of Christ
  • Peter and Revelation: A Demonstration of the Early Dating of Revelation
  • Peter and the End of the Millennium
  • 1 Peter and 2 Peter 3 (A Day to the Lord like a Thousand Years, and the Elements Shall Melt)
  • The Nature of Prophecy and Fulfillment
  • Peter and Romans 8: The Glory to Be Revealed
  • Peter and the Resurrection of the Dead
  • Daniel 9: The Sufferings of Christ and the Glory to follow, etc.
  • Peter and 1 Corinthians 15 (The Resurrection)
  • Peter and the Issue of Imminence of the End (Quick, Fast, or Near?)

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