Thursday , April 27 2017
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Two Guys and A Bible March 19

Exodus Motif

Join us tonight for Two Guys and A Bible coming up live in about 15 minutes. We will have the chat room open and I will be here transcribing a few thoughts as I can catch them.  I do have software that dictates but haven’t had the time to load it just yet. Let us… Read More »

Two Guys and A Bible Tuesday, March 12.

Listen to Two Guys and A Bible. Just click on this link! Two Guys and A Bible…Listen in now!  We continue our studies on the implications of fulfilled eschatology. If Christ Has Come, What Now? If the Bible Was Fulfilled In 70AD? Don shares information on the false logic that others offer. What is the… Read More »

Five Brief Points on Revelation 20–Thoughts on the Criswell Bible College Conference–Open Letter Response to Joel McDurmon

There are three sections here which correlate to some of my The Living Body broadcasts on the millennium of Revelation 20 series as they related to the Criswell Bible College Conference: 1)  Five brief points which demonstrate our exegetical and orthodox view that the millennium was roughly a AD 30 – AD 70 “this generation”… Read More »

TGB 011513 What Fulfilled Eschatology Means to Us Today


On this program we begin a discussion of “What Now?” What are the implications of Fulfilled Eschatology? Here are a few highlights: Men live by what they believe. What we believe therefore matters. Far too few Christians believe in involvement in society: After all, “You don’t polish brass on a sinking ship.” Most eschatologies claim… Read More »

The Living Body Broadcast 011413 Mathew 24

Since so many agree (not just Full Preterists) that one’s interpretation of Matthew 24-25 affects how they will see the rest of eschatology played out in the NT a crucial understanding of Jesus’ teaching here is crucial. We, I and William Bell tackle this alleged “difficult” passage that “scholars have disagreed on” with clarity and… Read More »

The Living Body Broadcast 010713

Michael J Sullivan

Michael Sullivan addresses 5 key points of Matthew 16:27-28, showing the context to be the consummated kingdom of God rather than an inaugural kingdom as taught by Sam Frost in a recent article. Sullivan addresses inconsistencies in the attempts at assigning a yet future fulfillment of text. Additional focus is centered on the judgment context… Read More »

Probing the Prophets Rod MacArthur120712

Probing the Prophets, Studies in Ezekiel with Rod MacArthur, Chapters 17-19. In Rod’s message, he shares a parable, a proverb and a lamentation. Rod invites commentary on his lessons and encourages you to contact him at his email address by click on this link: Rod MacArthur. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Probing The Prophets

Fulfilled Radio Presents Probing the Prophets

Listen to Rod MacArthur’s Probing the Prophet’s journey through the book of Ezekiel. Click the button at the bottom of the page. These are rich studies in the Old Testament prophets with very serious exegetical analyses of the text. Rod is an excellent teacher, very interesting, thorough in presentation and easy on the ears. Download… Read More »