Wednesday , June 28 2017
Two Guys and A Bible Tonight At 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central - Join us
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  1. keep it up, need the teaching.

  2. Don and William

    I always appreciate your program. Good material. I am looking forward to the event a Criswell College on October 12, 2012. It should be amazing! A great opportunity to stand alongside some great men who will share the various views on eschatology. It is great that Preterism — Covenant Eschatology — will be heard by people who may never hear this in any other way.

  3. Wow! Thanks, “Guys!” Thanks for reading and responding to my comment! I had been getting discouraged because I’ve sent emails to both of you & never heard anything except one response on Don’s Facebook page where I think he interpreted my comment literally when I was trying to be funny (Ironic, eh?). I was starting to think you ignored girls’ comments. (LOL)
    Seriously, thank you so much! I’m looking forward to the glossary page or link, and if you guys were serious about a book project, I’d be willing to talk about it with you. I’m a serious Bible student (I lose track of time doing inductive studies) and I started really paying attention to the radio preachers as they have been preaching on “End Times” and Revelation in the past few years, and the more I heard, the more absurd it sounded! So I decided to start trying to study on my own. I asked my pastor for info, but didn’t get anything so I started searching online. He’ll be sorry! I stumbled onto preterism and someone recommended Don’s YouTube lessons, and I have been learning so much and it makes SO MUCH SENSE!!!
    I read through the entire Bible twice this year, on a 90 day reading plan; the first time because I’d never actually read the whole thing & always got bogged down in one year reading plans. As soon as I finished I did it again, but with an eye toward Covenant Eschatology, and I gotta say having the big picture with that perspective is revolutionary! Of course I obviously have lots to learn, but listening to you guys this year has been so helpful! When I finished reading the Bible all the way thru the 2nd time, it was the first time Revelation made sense to me, and I was still not clear on a lot of things.
    I could go on & on but I won’t; just want to say thanks again and I hope to stay in touch. Maybe I need to start saving up to go to the next PPW or Memphis conference since I live in Ohio. Oh, and I’m “old” too, but I deny it as much as possible, and although I didn’t grow up in the Church of Christ (a Capella), I was baptized there in 1976, went faithfully for years in various locations, and have been going to a church that was “planted” by an instrumental congregation for about 15 years, so I have a lot of history with the C of C.
    Thanks again!
    In Him, Pat Seyfferle

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  4. i am very fresh on this eschatological view, is is very interesting and certainly a great relieve to the traditional futurist view

    it is a great opportunity for me to Listen to some great men expounding on preterist view on eschatology

    thanks don and william bell that you make this possible on line and make many people be able to listen in that may have never been able to know about preterism any other way.

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