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  1. To pile on to the point you were making on the timing of the fulfillment of the feast days, it’s critical to acknowledge that the feast days were fulfilled on the calendar day they were celebrated: The crucifixion was on Passover, the burial was over the weekend of Unleavened Bread, the resurrection was on First Fruits, the Holy Spirit was given at Pentecost. So, Trumpets would be in late September and the other two feasts would be within the 6 weeks after that. There is no way that Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Booths could happen on Passover, before Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, and Pentecost.

    I enjoyed the broadcast.

  2. William,

    It is interesting that you mentioned the gentleman that said preterists agree with too much of the Bible. I attend David Curtis’ church, and we have a couple that has been attending for quite some time now, but at one time they were still attending their former church’s Bible study group until they were asked to leave because they knew too much about the Bible. I was absolutely blown away and completely speechless that a church would tell someone that.

    • I used to have that entire discussion on cassette recording, but I think my son, who at the time didn’t understand the historical significance of those early recordings taped over it. You can imagine how disappointed I was.

  3. I sent a suggestion for an online radio app called stitcher to add your feed to theirs. I think it will broaden listenership. To introduce myself, my name is Tim Taylor and I attend services with Rod McArthur at the church of Auburn in Auburn WA. I use Sticher on my work phone, it is easier to access content while I am on the job than going to individual web sites.

    Thank You, T. Taylor

    • Mr. Taylor, thanks for your suggestion. I will make the note and look into it. If I need assistance, I will contact you.

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