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Two Guys and A Bible Tuesday, March 12.

Listen to Two Guys and A Bible. Just click on this link! Two Guys and A Bible…Listen in now!  We continue our studies on the implications of fulfilled eschatology. If Christ Has Come, What Now? If the Bible Was Fulfilled In 70AD?

Don shares information on the false logic that others offer.

What is the foundation or the props upon which the secondary applications are offered? Don says he likes to discuss the pillars or the key foundations that support a doctrine such as Dispensationalism.

What are the Implications of Covenant Eschatology? What Does it Mean To us Today? In an article written by a former Preterist who asks, “Is this where full preterism leads”?  He infers defections.

Citing some former leaders who say God is not a person, but God is an it, and there is no personal relationship with God and since these people were on the forefront of Eschatology, it is said this is where Covenant Eschatology is leading.

The problem is that former Preterists are looking for any way they can to discredit Covenant Eschatology.

Some say it is disconcerting to see those who left the movement. We agree. But what we are seeing is the natural evolution of the movement. Every single movement in the history of mankind including the first century church attracted some who were absolute total radicals.

There was Simon who was of the Zealots. He was of a particular sect of the Jews. If they (the Zealots) perceived you to be friendly to the Romans they would slip up to you by stealth and slip the blade between your ribs. Then they would slip out. They were associated with the movement of Jesus.

There were those who completely apostatized from the truth. There were those who were false teachers.
If you look at the first century church and if you compared it to the Preterist movement today, do you really think that the nature of people has changed?

Many people came in and tried to establish themselves as the “popes” of Preterism.

What’s incredible is that they had Jesus right there, in their midst. Christ chose 12 disciples and one had a demon. Does that cast a reflection and aspersion on Jesus’ choice for disciples? Did Judas have no personal responsibility in what he became? Did he not make himself a thief and a traitor?

What about the prophecy of Christ about the apostasy? Does the apostasy of Christians negate Christianity? Why should anyone be a Christian? Have not some of them done awful things? Why not say, well here is where Christianity leads? What kind of “ill” logic is that?

Don points out that the scope of apostasy according to Luke 18:1-8, where Jesus asks, “when the Son of man comes will he find faith on the earth”?, would be pervasive.  Sounds like finding a faithful Christian could be like finding a needle in a haystack (and I’m exaggerating a bit, but hopefully you’re getting the point of Jesus’ words). Christians would be scarce and greatly reduced because of the apostasy.

Again, if the fact that people are leaving Covenant Eschatology today negates it, why then do not people leaving Christianity negate Christianity? Do these guys who offer this logic not understand these implications? It’s faulty, flawed and fallacious.

Why Did Paul Say Heresy or Factions Were Necessary That Those Approved May Be Recognized?

Don shares the story about a professor who was asked the question of why Paul said it was necessary that heresies are among you that those who are approved may be manifest among you. The professor was flabbergasted and speechless.

Certainly, Paul was not advocating the teaching of heresy, but he does acknowledge its presence and that it has a value in helping the truth to be manifested as well as those who teach the truth.

Thanks for tuning in. This is as best I could do to transcribe the broadcast while managing the chat room and commenting live on air. Hopefully, it helps you to see the points made. Naturally, there are skips because I can’t get Don to type when I talk! Bummer!


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Thanks for tuning in tonight. Remember to catch Rod MacArthur’s Probing the Prophet’s on Friday, and Mike Sullivan’s The Living Body Broadcast on Monday.

Don’s about halfway through his Subway sandwhich now, and I’m still working. See ya next week. The archive should be ready in about 10 minutes from now.

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