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A Compound word, a – meaning no, and millennium meaning 1000. Thus, the amillennial view is essentially a negative view that denies that there will be a literal 1000-year reign of Christ on earth. The entire church  age is defined as the “millennium.” In the amillennial view of the “last things” Christ will come at the end of the current Christian Age, and put an end to human history. The earth will be burned up, or perhaps totally renovated (a minority view among Amillennialists,). This view also teaches a parallel development of good and evil until the end.

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  1. Is it just me or did it seem like Dr. Riddlebarger not answer the quietson on the conflicts between amillennialism and preterism? Instead, he talked about how most are postimillennialists and why their position could be strengthened if it was proven that Nero was in fact the antichrist?As I see it, Nero certainly is the man behind 666, yet, it seems that the Johanine antichrist is anyone who rejects the humanity of Jesus (2 John) or the messiahship of Christ (1 John 2). Certainly Nero would fall into this, but so do many others. Far from just strengthening the post-mill idea, it fits in rather nicely to this amillennialist as well.

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