Fullfilled Radio Preparing to Launch

Welcome to Fulfilled Radio, Full Preterist Radio Station

A message from William Bell and Don K. Preston. We want to welcome you to FulfilledRadio.com. The preterist movement continues to grow and spread around the world. Such wonderful, exciting things are happening!

As with all movements, there are all kinds of “voices,” some that are distractive, some that are even destructive. While there is room in the preterist community for disagreements, believers are not to be “cast about with every wind of doctrine.” That is why we have been, and will be, selective in who we invited to participate in our programming. We will only invite those that we believe that we, and you, can trust.

Our desire, purpose and intent, with all of our programming, will be to provide you with solid, sound, exegetical, non-speculative teaching.

The purpose of FulfilledRadio.com  is to provide you, the listener, with “A Voice You Can Trust.”

We invite and encourage you to tune in regularly, and have your Bible in hand. We welcome your questions and suggestions to help us make this station and all of our programming the “go to”, “must listen to” station for the preterist community and those interested in knowing more of the fulfillment of God’s wonderful promises.

You can feel comfortable telling your friends and neighbors about Fulfilledradio.com, because we will be: “A Voice You Can Trust.

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