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Current Broadcasting Schedule:

updated 7/3/2017

 Sunday: 7:am -8am CST: Face to Face with Daniel Rogers

Monday: Archives of Mike Sullivan’s “The Living Body” Broadcast

 Tuesday 7:pm – 6pm CST: Two Guys and A Bible with Don Preston & William Bell

Wednesday To Be Announced

Thursday To Be Announced

 Friday 12:pm – 11am CST: Probing the Prophets with Rod MacArthur



  1. Get Ed Steven’s “Then And Now” now that he is not on AD70 Radio

  2. Greetings,

    I have a question about Satan, and the great number of fallen angels. Obviously the bulk and majority of Christians and non-Cristians believe they exist in today’s world, are active, and many people have personal experience , share stories of demonic oppression or in some cases possession etc., etc. My question is, can you point me to a reference, book or article that would help me sort out the truth on this topic as I think I heard Don K. Preston, in one of his morning musings teach that Satan is fully dis-empowered, defeated, destroyed, and essentially no longer exists. I think that is one of the major points of disagreement between full preterism and so many others, and I’d like to now how I can understand the position if in fact I understand the position correctly.

    Thank You,

    Jerry Finn

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