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Who Is This Babylon? [Podcast #004]

Who Is This Babylon? Podcast #004? One topic of study in the Book of Revelation focuses on Zion in the Old Covenant and Israel’s relationship to God. The Zion motif shows the relationship of Jerusalem and Israel in contrast to the heavenly Zion found in Revelation 14. In addition, the harlot is discussed as a… Read More »

Who-Is-This-Babylon? [Podcast #003]

Who Is This Babylon? Podcast #003 Today’s podcast focuses on the mystery of God as foretold by the prophets. Paul’s distinctive role was to bring the mystery of God foretold by the prophets to completion. The mystery of God would be finished at the sounding of the seventh trumpet. But, the time of the sounding… Read More »

Who Is This Babylon? [Podcast #002]

In this Podcast (#002) of Who Is This Babylon?, Don discusses the Second Exodus motif taken from the first Exodus and the Old Testament prophecies which predicted it for the last days. They were coming out of bondage, coming to Zion, and therefore enjoins upon us the necessity to study the first exodus in the… Read More »

Who Is This Babylon? [Podcast #001]

We are launching a new podcast format hopefully that will solve some of the challenges faced when trying to locate and download a podcast. We’re also attempting to get these listed in iTunes so that they are much easier to find. We appreciate your patience while we make this transition.   Podcast: Play in new… Read More »

Two Guys And A Bible Revelation 17

Revelation 17 is a pivotal chapter in understanding the dating of the Book of Revelation. Scholars have often suggested it is Rome. The definitive clue in identifying Mystery Babylon is that it is the great city where also our Lord was crucified.  Also, God takes vengeance on those who murdered the prophets and the saints…. Read More »

Two Guys and A Bible Who Is This Babylon Revelation 15

Who Is This Babylon Study of Revelation

In continuation of our study of Revelation titled “Who Is This Babylon”?, we focus on the Exodus motif from chapter 15. The Exodus is being reenacted through the church though yet on a spiritual level. Revelation 11:8 – Sodom & Egypt Egypt conjures up ideas of bondage and immorality. These writings were notable in Paul’s… Read More »

“Who Is This Babylon”? Study of the Book of Revelation

Who Is This Babylon?, Study of Revelation Most people have approached the book of Revelation as a focus on the ancient city of Rome. Others have assigned it to the Roman Catholic church. Amillenialists in general have taken a historical approach applying it to events throughout history. Preston, influenced by experiences in seminary and the… Read More »

Who Is This “Mystery” Babylon? Interview

Tomorrow, April 2, 2013, I will be interviewing Don Preston on his critically acclaimed book, “Who Is This Babylon”? This is a great time to invite your friends to hear a broadcast on the Book of Revelation. We are presenting this broadcast for a special promotion and will resume our series on the Transition Period… Read More »

Two Guys and A Bible Transition Period Part 2

Welcome to Two Guys and A Bible Broadcast. We continue the discussion on the transition period. Some believe that the transition period is not taught in the Bible. However, the Bible is clear that there was a transition  period. The transition from the Old Covenant World was not an instantaneous overnight event but was a… Read More »

Two Guys and A Bible March 19

Exodus Motif

Let us know if this is helping at all to keep you posted on what’s going on.   Visit the page on Facebook and like it. Leave some comments as well. We appreciate those of you who already have done so. Here is the link to listen to this episode of: Two Guys and A Bible:  on demand!  Listen in now at  . Also if you have not… Read More »