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About FR

Fulfilled Radio is a Full Preterist Radio station that offers live and pre-recorded broadcasting. Our goal is to be “A Voice You Can Trust” for solid Bible exegesis and study.


  1. I wonder if could answer what a church looks like that teaches full preterism? What does it teach? What does a gathering look like? Is there a structure, like pastors and teachers? We have no such teaching in my area so I’m going to have to start a group from nothing!

  2. robert frank taylor

    dear sir: i would like to know if you are on a radio station that i can listen to in shreveport louisiana, either a.m. or f.m.thank you.

  3. by on May 31, 2012 4:02 am Yup…I’ve been saying the same thing now. Just seems to make much more sense. After Stephens death the pposrue of the Jews and Jerusalem was complete…490 years complete.That is unless you’re Catholic…LoL. Then it was fulfilled a couple hundred years earlier.God bless you brother.

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