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Two Guys and A Bible Transition Period Part 2

Welcome to Two Guys and A Bible Broadcast. We continue the discussion on the transition period. Some believe that the transition period is not taught in the Bible. However, the Bible is clear that there was a transition¬† period. The transition from the Old Covenant World was not an instantaneous overnight event but was a… Read More »

Two Guys and A Bible March 19

Exodus Motif

Join us tonight for Two Guys and A Bible coming up live in about 15 minutes. We will have the chat room open and I will be here transcribing a few thoughts as I can catch them.¬† I do have software that dictates but haven’t had the time to load it just yet. Let us… Read More »

Two Guys and A Bible Tuesday, March 12.

Listen to Two Guys and A Bible. Just click on this link! Two Guys and A Bible…Listen in now!¬† We continue our studies on the implications of fulfilled eschatology. If Christ Has Come, What Now? If the Bible Was Fulfilled In 70AD? Don shares information on the false logic that others offer. What is the… Read More »